Configuring SSO on the TAP Dashboard

This article covers step-by-step guidance for configuring SSO via your Admin Dashboard.


  • Get SSO enabled (see section at the bottom of this article) 

  • Ensure that SSO application is configured on your end depending on the IDP, i.e.

    • Configure SSO for Azure AD

    • Configure SSO for SAML

    • Configure SSO for OpenIDConnect

Set up SSO on TAP

Step1: Log in in to your admin dashboard 

Step 2: Navigate to the SSO configuration


Step 3: Configure SSO

  • Pick an SSO provider

  • Provide the details of the configuration that match what you have set on IDP:

Organization name

  • Use only symbols (no spaces) in organization name (“_” can’t be used).

  • Name can’t be changed after you activate SSO

  • Organization name will be shown on the authorization pop-up like 'Your-organization-name' For ambassadors you.


For Azure


MetaData URL: App Federation Medatata URL (in Azure terms)





Upload Metadata that you have downloaded from your provider


Step 4: Activate SSO

Step 5: Start testing.


🚫 Don’t click on SSO ONLY access until you are done with testing and have      ensured that SSO is working for you and you can access both dashboard and a mobile app using both SSO and non-SSO credentials.

⚠️ After the configuration is complete you can log into the application using both SSO and non-SSO powered credentials that you may have had before the configuration.  

ℹ️ When you are done with testing (see above), you are able to turn on SSO-only access. You will be logged out immediately and you will need to log in again using SSO credentials.


Any questions please just send through to We'd also be happy to have a quick 15-30 minute call to help anyone who requires additional help.