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Sharing TAP Ambassador Profile Links with your Prospects

This article will show you how to add UTM tracking to your individual ambassador profile links.

We're big advocates here that wherever possible, you should align your team's marketing activities alongside your use of TAP. If for example, one month the theme of your team's marketing activity is to increase awareness about wellbeing support at your institution, think about how you could involve your ambassadors in this. Some examples:

  • Create content with your ambassadors around the wellbeing support they have received and/or their top tips for maintaining good wellbeing

  • Tag the appropriate ambassadors against a related tag such as "wellbeing" and then create a tracked link to a filtered feed, whereby prospects land on a personalised page, dedicated to the topic of wellbeing with the most relevant ambassadors to speak with

  • Copy the link from your Ambassador List to a specific "wellbeing" ambassador's profile and include this in an email campaign out to your audience, encouraging them to connect with the ambassador and ask them about wellbeing support at your institution

For the purpose of the guidance below, we're going to focus on the third example above. Whilst on your dashboard you can create tracked promotions (pop cards, carousels, buttons and links), you can't add tracking to ambassador profile links. However, there is a really easy way to do this!

  1. Copy the link to an ambassador's profile from your Ambassador List:

  2. Visit Google Analytics' Campaign URL Builder

  3. Then simply fill out the fields below, starting by pasting the ambassador's profile link in the first field, labelled "Website URL":

4. All done! Simply copy the link in the white box and use it in your email campaign (or wherever you're planning on sharing it) and you'll now be able to track which prospects sign up as a result of that campaign featuring a specific ambassador 😊