Sharing Content on TAP

Sharing content on the platform gives your audience an insight into your experiences and what your institution is really like

As a digital ambassador, you will be invited to share content that shines a light on your experiences and gives prospects an insight into what your institution has to offer. This can be in the form of videos or photos, and should give a glimpse into your daily life and what you particularly love about your institution.

You can share content at any time by clicking on the big orange 'Create a Post' button on the mobile app's home screen. This will let you upload content from your camera reel, or you can take a photo / video on the spot.

create a post-1Content Groups

You might also be invited to join a Content Group, where you can share photos and videos around a certain subject or event with other ambassadors. If you click into the third icon in the menu at the bottom of the screen, you will taken to the Activity page. Clicking into the Content section, you will see all the content groups that you are a part of.

content groupsContent Groups usually involve multiple ambassadors, so you will be able to share photos, videos, and messages with the other people added to the group. 

Can I share content that features other people that might not be ambassadors?

Yes! But make sure that you get verbal consent that they are happy for you to share the content to TAP before you upload it. Please let them know that content can be shared to your institution's website, as well as social media platforms, and in any digital or print marketing materials. 

What happens once I upload a piece of content? 

Once you share a piece of content (whether this is using the orange button or in a Content Group), the admins at your institution will be able to review it and then publish it to the institution's Feed (on the website) if they wish. They may also decide to share this on social media, or in their marketing materials.

There was a typo in my caption. How can I amend this?

Admins are able to edit captions, so please get in touch with the main contact person at your institution. They will be able to fix it for you!

What if I would like a piece of content deleted from the website/social media?

Similarly to the typos, admins are able to delete content so please get in touch with them for help. 

I hope this has been useful. Please feel free to message if you have any questions. Happy snapping!