What is the difference between “Feed” and “Chat” on the Ambassadors, Admin Dashboard?

When you click the ambassador icon on the admin dashboard, you will see the list of your ambassadors and functions (Feed, Chat, Content, FAQ) next to their names. You may wonder what is the difference between Feed and Chat functions?

To explain this, I am using our demo account.  Let me introduce my dummy account on the demo dashboard - Airi Suzuki.  If I turned off Airis “Feed” but I kept the “Chat” function on.  

Screenshot 2022-03-14 14.57.59

In this case, prospects are not able to contact Airi as she does not appear on the Feed on our demo website, however, if other ambassadors want to add her to the conversation(s), Airi is available to join the conversation.  


This function will be useful:

  • If you wish to add staff ambassadors (or student ambassadors) on the dashboard but do not want prospective students to actively contact these ambassadors.  These ambassadors with the Feed function off can be added to the conversation(s) if your student ambassadors need them for some assistance.  
  • Some of your ambassadors might not be available for particular weeks.  You do not want these ambassadors to be contacted by new prospective students but you do not mind if students who contacted them in the past get in touch with them again during this particular period.

Please remember that if you toggled off the “Chat” function of your ambassadors, they won’t appear on the Feed or be available for chats at all! 


Thanks for reading this article and we hope it was useful. If you have any feedback on this article or you're happy to share how you've promoted your Feed, we'd love to hear from you - get in touch at support@theambassadorplatform.com.